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corn and tuna fritter stack with poached eggs and spinach

baked mushrooms with tuna herbs and feta

cheesy tuna corn and mushroom pasta bake

tuna and cheese quesadilla

angel hair pasta with tuna lemon and pancetta herb crumb

smoked salmon goats cheese and leek tarts

smoked salmon and caper pâté

bacon topped crunchy salmon pot pie

About This Project

SAFCOL – The Seafood Experts

Since taking over the reins, creating recipe content, as well as managing all aspects of social media for Safcol in 2014, we’ve grown Safcol Australia’s Facebook fans to over 60,000.  All the video and photographic recipes that have been developed for Safcol can be viewed on the company Facebook page and recipe site, The Seafood Experts.


The South Australian Fishermans Co-Operative Limited (S.A.F.C.O.L.) was founded in 1945 by a group of South Australian Fishermen to sell their catch; the first of its kind in Australia. Today, Safcol continues to manage the thriving South Australian Fish Market and is a diversified consumer products group, marketing its products across the Australian Retail Market in supermarkets and other specialty stores.


Does social media work for Safcol?

We were told in our seafood review last Friday that Woolworths own data shows our brand as the most loyal brand in the canned fish category, and the buyer also told us we brought in 36 000 new shoppers into canned fish in the last quarter, so we were rated very highly by their own rating – using Woolworths Rewards cards, so our promotional and social media and recipe engagement seems to be working, it was great to hear this from the buyer!!

Safcol is one of the world’s major suppliers of fresh, packaged and frozen seafood. They are respected for their philosophy of sustainability and quality. They have over 50 years experience, from traditional beginnings to the operation of fleets and plants around the world and supply virtually every type of seafood, fresh or frozen.

Recipe Development
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