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Gazzola Farms

About This Project

Gazzola farms needed high-quality videos to support of their massive efficient and high-quality horticultural business and to support retail sales across Australia.


Australia’s Mornington Peninsula is renowned for the quality of its pristine marine environment, rich soils and world-beating produce. It’s a globally recognized centre for premium, fresh vegetables, fruits and wines. It’s in this environment of horticultural excellence, that the Gazzola family vegetable farms are situated.


So, wouldn’t it be great if you could see exactly where your greens are coming from? Wouldn’t it be ideal to know that the food you are feeding yourself, your family and your friends was fresh, well-handled and cared for at every step before it got to your kitchen?


We think so too…


So, meet the Gazzolas – Paul, Colin, Andrew and father Luis – they are third generation farmers and part of a Mornington Peninsula-based family business that is considered one of the biggest and best vegetable producers in Australia. These guys not only know where your greens come from. They grow ‘em.



The Gazzola family now own 1000 acres throughout the Mornington Peninsula with a staff of over 100. The family has two sites to grow produce – in Somerville and Boneo  – which helps provide fresh produce to their customers all-year-round. Even though they are in the same region of the Mornington Peninsula the soils and conditions of the Somerville and Boneo areas differ greatly. The sandy soils and temperate climate of Boneo give good all year round growing conditions for Celery and Iceberg lettuce. Somerville is where Cos lettuces and Asian greens thrive.


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