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Chris’ Dips

beetroot risotto

fresh yoghurt and apple muesli

lamb sumac pizza with tzatziki dip

quick pesto pasta with rocket

summer fruit pizza

mushroom arancini with French onion hearts

chicken cheese and chive sausage rolls

prawn caviar and cucumber canapés

mezze platter

About This Project

Chris’ Dips

ECP commenced work with Chris’ Dips in December 2013 with a brief to build an engaged online community, educate consumers and encourage use of Chris’ Dips in recipes which would grow product sales.

Within one year Chris’ online community, Eat Love Share, grew from 400 fans to 83,000 with in excess of 8 million video impressions on Vimeo and twice as many on Facebook. During that time ECP created over 125 unique recipes showcasing Chris’ Dips products. Chris’ Facebook page was consistently in the top 5 fastest growing FMCG pages. (source: Social Bakers)

Recipe Development
Family Meals, Recipe Development