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We build online communities for brands

Evolving Communications Partners - ECP

We build online

communities for brands


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Content Creation

Social Media Marketing

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What we do

Evolving Communication Partners are specialist online content creators, marketers and educators. We offer a turnkey solution from one point of contact to build a successful and cost effective Facebook and online media presence for your brand or products.


Our services start with understanding your brand. Then we develop a tailored strategy for your brand, using Facebook and other social media platforms. We make unique, high quality reusable content to populate those platforms and then grow your community via online media campaigns which we administer 24/7 all year round. Enjoy the journey as your community grows with real time statistics provided as standard.

Home Epicure

Australia’s own video lifestyle and food hub

Epicure – Delight in Good living

Started in September 2016, Home Epicure is Australia’s only video based Facebook community. Home Epicure uses the highest quality video to celebrate great food, food experiences, products and travel. Currently growing at over 4000 food fans per month, Home Epicure inspires and educates consumers and allows content cross posting to generate positive brand recall and partner sales in Australia and beyond. Visit homeepicure.com for more information.


Video Recipes


Photo Recipes

We’ve made the arduous task of choosing someone to represent your brand easy. Log in using the link below, and watch demos of over 24  presenters, all with a terrific knowledge of food and travel, and in many cases, specialty skills.  If you have a specific celebrity presenter in mind, we act on your behalf to engage them. We’ve worked with many of them before.

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